Abator Collaborators

Abator works with both independent (1099 or corporate arrangements available) and W-2 consultants.

Regardless of status, Abator is most interested in establishing long-term relationships. We have been fortunate in this regard, continuing to reassign a majority of our associates to several consecutive projects. On the other hand, we recognize that consultants cannot afford to "put all of their eggs in one basket." We make a practice of encouraging consultants to pursue all opportunities available, and we work with you to prevent dual submissions.

Many brokers advertise big compensation. Abator's position is quite clear. We pay at least 75% of the billing rate, payable every two weeks, to the consultant performing the work. Abator will tell you the expected billing and payout rates before presentation is made. Payout rates are all inclusive, with no additional compensation for expenses. On 1099 independent status the consultant is responsible for his/her own taxes while in W-2 temporary staff situations, about 11% of total compensation is reserved to pay FICA, Medicare, and for Workers' Compensation, Errors and Omissions and General Liability insurance coverage. In any case, compensation may fluctuate based on the assignment, but it is for the consultant to determine if the financial arrangements are suitable.

Abator's Project Staffing Group
Project Staffing has responsibility for:

  • Initial Contact with Consultant
  • Skills Intake
  • Reference Checks (completed by Abator)
  • Project Matching
  • Project Interviews
  • Background Checks and/or Substance Screens (as required by engagement)
  • Engagement Support
  • Performance Evaluations
  • Re-assignments
What do you need to provide to Abator?
  • We need a current resume, which includes dates and details of employment of projects.  To reduce the length of the resume, please condense after the most recent 15 years.
  • A skills inventory form, which may not be particularly unique, will be forwarded to you (via US Mail or email) or you can grab a copy from the website. This data is entered and maintained in SAM.  The more data you provide about specific technical skills and your level of expertise ... the more projects you will be contacted about!  Please complete and return this form as soon as you can.
  • We will need three recent (current, if possible) supervisory references.  Abator will not submit you as a candidate to any client without verifying your references.  References are contacted only once and data is recorded internally.  While we may share the results we gather during an authorized client submission, we won't give out your reference contact information without your permission.
What about Government Engagements?

There is generally additional paperwork associated with the government contract process. Abator has incorporated what we've learned  from various agencies in Illinois, Iowa, New York and Ohio into standard response packages.  This generally includes a skills matrix that is specific to a given project, and an extended reference form.  Give us a call and we'll be happy to share examples.

SAM Skills & Management System
  • We search SAM (our enterprise-wide system) to identify consultants with the skills requested by Abator's clients ... see why we need detailed skills information?  (You can find the form.)
  • You are contacted via phone or email with project details (tasks, platform and software environment, location, duration and rate).  You decide whether or not to pursue the opportunity.  There are no "blind" resume submissions.
  • SAM compiles a fresh professional summary (otherwise known as a resume) from your skills inventory and project/employment history which we submit to the client with a formal quotation including your availability date and rate.
  • After Project Staffing and Sales complete the administrative cycle, SAM generates the contracts, updates your records and begins tracking time, payments and performance evaluations.
  • During your project engagements, SAM is constantly updated with conversational notes and status reports.
  • Four to eight weeks before your project is completed, Project Staffing begins the re-assignment process.


Abator Standard Agreement Features
  • Full disclosure - no small print gotchas
  • Contracts written in simple English, rather than difficult Legalese
  • Language audited and vetted by the IRS, to protect W-2 or 1099 independent status
  • 90 day non-compete restricted to actual clients instead of the entire planet's IT departments
  • Policies and programs to limit invasion of consultant's privacy